Open Submissions for the Philo Festival of Media Arts begin June 1, 2016

Open submissions for the Philo Festival of Media Arts begin June 1, 2016!

What’s a “PHILO”?
The festival is named after Philo T. Farnsworth, the father of modern television. Philo was born August 19, 1906 on a farm near Beaver City, Utah. As a youth in 1922, Philo first revealed his scientific ideas for an all-electric television system. He later established an electronics laboratory in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he succeeded in turning his dreams into reality by inventing the first receiving tube for television transmissions.

It is fitting that the ACM Central States Region honors the memory of Philo T. Farnsworth by recognizing the efforts of modern day pioneers who work to further develop the use of this technology and promote the use of media in our communities. The “PHILO” is awarded as recognition of excellence in media creation.

What’s this Festival about?
The Philo Festival of Media Arts is all about you: the media producer. It’s a unique combination of competition, collaboration, educational and creative content hosted by the Central States Alliance for Community Media. The event offers invaluable networking opportunities and immersion into the creative art and the rapidly evolving world of independent media. The festival features professional speakers, creative minds, and notable mentors that are there to help you tackle the latest media making trends and technology. And of course…the awards will be given to honor and celebrate your amazing work.


How to submit videos via Film Freeway:

  1. First, you’ll have to login or create a Film Freeway account.
  2. Second, you’ll need to “+Add A Project” under “My Projects” tab. Fill out a new form for each video you wish to submit and then upload your video or a YouTube link to your video.-
    • *Please enter the project title as you want it listed on an award.
    • *NOTE: Please fill out the Brief Synopsis as the producer’s intent, which is to provide additional information for the judges to make informed decisions on whether the producer accomplished their goals. Was the program intended just to entertain or to make a statement about a perceived situation in an entertaining way, to motivate the viewer to action or to provide the viewer with information, to satirize a particular media genre or to copy the genre? Please let the judges know what the intent of the production was.
    • *Also, please identify a 30-second segment you would like us to show for the entry at the Philo-ween Award Ceremony at the end of the Brief Synopsis. This segment will be used at the video awards ceremony to recognize your work should your entry wi Third, return back to the Philo Festival of Media Arts Film Freeway page and click the “Submit Now” button. Then, select the category and add to cart.
  3. Third, return back to Philo Festival of Media Arts Film Freeway page and click the “Submit Now button. Then select the category and add to cart.

    • *NOTE: There are three divisions of each category: Professional, Non- Professional and Student (Professional is not labeled in the titled, but Non-Professional & Student are in the title). Make sure your scroll through all the categories to find the correct division for your submission. Submissions entered into the wrong division will NOT BE accepted.
    • *To determine which division you fall under click the Film Freeway Link and review the Rules & Terms.
    • *Did you know you can submit Overall Excellence videos to the Philo Festival of Media Arts? The entry must consist of excerpts from 7-10 different programs (volunteer and/or staff programs, public meetings, bulletin boards, PSAs, promos and more)! Overall Excellence videos should be no longer then 10 minutes. Visit the Film Freeway category descriptions for more information.
  4.  Check out and pay via PayPal or select invoice.

    • *Please send your questions to Melissa Bondy at
    • ***If you would like to be a judging center please email gro.vog2a@ydnobm – you must have three representative from you center to qualify. All judging will be done online this year!**

To enter Philos click the Film Freeway button below!


Save the Date for the Award Ceremony- Philo-ween in Richmond, IN!

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